Project 3, Week 5 (Final Post)

This is it, all done, class finished. I’d like to open this with a bit of reflection on my Design For Media class before I dive in to the project itself. In all honesty, I was most nervous about this class at the start of the semester and thought it would be stressful and not enjoyable, but I was wrong. I ended up really looking forward to this class each day and loved the flexibility of the first and third projects and had a blast working with my group on the second project. This final project was certainly my favorite when it came to the outcome. This final project I could really see my growth every week and though near the end it was challenging to keep up the creativity, I liked being pushed. I will continue making these mini paintings, but certainly not as frequently.

I can safely say that I have been inspired a lot in this class by my peers. I’ve seen things that sparked my own ideas, or things I wanted to try, or was inspired to never do something that someone else attempted. Good or bad I was impacted by seeing the other individuals blogs. I was already a fan of blogging and speaking about my own work, because it gives me a better understanding of who I am as an artist, so I knew the blogging element was going to be fun. I also enjoyed critique a lot, as I almost always have something to say about a piece of work, I only hope I never offended anyone too badly, I try to have a balance of what I say I enjoy about a piece, and what could be improved.

Thank you to my class and teachers for being very supportive and positive toward my work. Not a lot of people say anything about my work I post online, and knowing what people think of my work or if they enjoy it is important to me. I always felt like the class enjoyed looking at my work which meant more to me than they probably know.

ALRIGHT! Let’s get to the art! I’ll start off with the pieces I completed on this final week we had to work. Most of my finals were finished and I spend the whole weekend at home so I managed to get several pieces done. It was harder to be inspired after doing this for weeks, but I tried to push myself to paint something every day. Admittedly, there were two paintings that I started and about halfway through abandoned out of frustration because I was getting so burnt out. Enough explaining aside, here’s some paintings ya’ll!

First up is “Bark” hehe….get it? I wanted to create another piece similar to my “Leaves” piece from the week before. I went hiking and collected bark, scrapped the bugs and dirt off, glued the pieces to a 4 x 6 in. canvas and then made a stencil of a dog. I spray painted the dog on to the bark but it didn’t quite work, so I cleaned it up with acrylics and painted the work bubble.


Next up is “Edmund E. Eggleston”. Edmund was based on a few old photos I saw in one of my photo books and I painted his body first, then his deformed head. I then cut some eyes out of my photo book and glued them on, if you can guess those famous eyes, good on you! They’re the eyes of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. I then framed the 4 x 6 in. canvas, and named him last.

Edmund E Eggleston

Third is this goofy little piece “Adjustment”. I wanted to create a piece that had a character somehow interacting with an external element. I had this idea and sculpted the head and arm first, while they cooked and cooled I painted the TV and floor, then glued the character in place, painted him, and added the antenna. The canvas is 3 x 5 in. and acrylic paint, sculpey, and wire were used.


Forth is simply titled “Over The Garden Wall” and was my way of taking a break to just do some fun fanart. I was inspired by the work of my fellow classmate Lauren Hess (who does amazing work you can check out here) and a comment made my another classmate, Chris, about Over The Garden Wall. I wanted to take both of those things and put a little bit of my spin on it and this is what came about. This one is just acrylic paint on 3 x 5 in. canvas.

Over The Garden Wall

Fifth is another experiment with materials titled “Bored Board on Cardboard”. I wanted to play with cardboard but didn’t have any good ideas so I just sort of went for it. I was feeling pretty uninspired by this piece, so I don’t think it turned out quite as well as some of the others from this week, but was a good experiment nonetheless. Cardboard and acrylic paint on 3 x 5 in. canvas.

Bored Board on Cardboard

Lastly was a straightforward, illustrative piece called “Stretched”. This one was a bit uninspired as well and was sort of a last push to get one more piece done so I’d have a solid 20 pieces. This one is acrylic paint on 3 x 5 in. canvas with watercolor used for the background.


For this final post I’m also including a Best Of section to highlight the pieces I found to be most successful. I definitely think some were better executed than others, but all of them were fun to work on and helped me grow through this process. Here’s my personal Best Of Daily Creative Habit.

“The Jealous Giantess” 4 x 6 in. Acrylic paint and cut photos. Framed.

The Jealous Giantess

“If the Mona Lisa was a banana instead of a woman” 4 x 6 in. Acrylic paint. Framed.

If the Mona Lisa was a Banana instead of a woman

“A Restless Still Life” 3 x 5 in. Acrylic paint and Sculpey.

A Restless StillLife

“The Painter” 4 x 6 in. Acrylic paint and wood.

The Painter

“Edmund E. Eggleston” 4 x 6 in. Acrylic paint and cut photos. Framed.

Edmund E Eggleston

Thank you so much for checking out my work and my blogs and for your support. It’s been a blast but we are finished! Catch you on the flippity flip!


Project 3, Week 4

One more week to go everyone! Home stretch right here! If you’ve seen the previous posts, you kind of know what to expect this week. I did manage to get five pieces done and kept up with mixing them up stylistically. I’m happy to say that I’m still really loving this project and can feel myself growing creatively. There are definitely some approaches I’ve taken toward the paintings I’ve enjoyed more and I’m getting more ideas growing from these. I do think I may continue with this practice in to the Summer, not as frequently, but will still keep up with it.

Let’s take a looksie at what we’ve got, in order of when they were painted.

First up is “The (Funny) Pages” which is acrylic and cut news paper on 3 x 5 in. canvas. While visiting my grandparents I was reading a pile of old Sunday comics and thought it might be fun to cut one up and manipulate it. I wanted to paint the characters bodies more rendered and looking more mature, like young adults, but with their kid heads glued on. It came out a bit messier than intended, but is something I’d like to revisit

The (Funny) Pages

Next up is “Crystal Eyes” which is acrylic on 4 x 6 in. canvas with broken glass. This was something very outside of my comfort zone, making a geometric piece like this. It’s inspired by the new Of Monsters and Men song, Crystals, which I was listening to when I started this painting.

Crystal Eyes

Third is “The Painter” which is acrylic on 4 x 6 in. canvas with a small character made of cut wood. I wanted to try another spin on traditional painting as I’ve done in previous weeks and was thinking about how I took a large landscape painting I found in a dumpster and pray painted a new piece on it. I painted the landscape first pretty quickly, then cut out the little guy who has climbed on to put his mark on the piece, and then painted his little contribution.

The Painter

Forth is called “Leaves” which is a bunch of leaves glued on to a 3 x 5 in. canvas, with text added with spray paint, a stencil, and a white acrylic marker. I wanted to try something totally new so I went hiking and collected a bunch of dead leaves and kept thinking about the word “leaves”. I like to repeat things to the point of redundancy so I figured I’d have this little leaf pile, labeled with the word leaves in quotes, and then title the piece, leaves. It’s a piece where literally what you see is exactly what you get and it doesn’t go much deeper, but I think is still amusing to look at.


Finally is “Cuckoos Nest” which is acrylic on 3 x 5 in. canvas. After watching One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest in class, an old favorite of mine, I decided I wanted to paint something based on it. I used a few photos of Mr. Fredrickson as reference but didn’t want it to look quite like him ,but rather an amalgamation of several of the characters.

Cuckoos Nest

That’s it for this week, just one more to go!

Project 3, Week 3

This past week has been a bit more hectic and busy than I had planned, so some of my mini paintings were done in small bursts instead of one sitting. I ended up only finishing four paintings this week, but I feel they’re more developed than the previous week. I’m still playing around a lot and trying to explore different approaches to each painting. Let’s dive in to the pieces, shall we?

The first piece I worked on is called “If the Mona Lisa was a banana instead of a woman.” I just used acrylic on 4 x 6 in. canvas for this one and put it in a frame. I admittedly spent about an hour and a half on this one, spread out over two days, but I wanted to really see this one through because I was having so much fun with it. I’ve always been a fan of playing with famous paintings for years and this silly idea just sort of came to me.

If the Mona Lisa was a Banana instead of a woman

Next up is “Signifier and Signified”. This was inspired by a photo a friend of mine took in which he replaced his head with the word “head”. I had a few ideas bouncing around and decided to sort of blend them. I used acrylic on 3 x 5 in. canvas and I cut up photos from a book and glued them on. The title comes from a literary concept in which you have a signifier, being a word or something that represents an idea, the signified being the concept itself. So in this case, the word “head” is out signifier, representing the signified entity of an actual human head.

Signifier and Signified

The next painting was a fun little piece called “A Restless Still Life”. It’s done with acrylic paint and sculpey on 3 x 5 in. canvas. I wanted to play with sculpting something to add some dimension and interest to the painting. I didn’t just want to sculpt a mug, stick it on a canvas, and call it done, so I added some character to our mean mug here.

A Restless StillLife

The last is probably the most straightforward piece I did this past week. “Toothy Grin” is a 4 x 6 in. acrylic painting that I used a bit of watercolor for in the background. I’ve always loved the look of school yearbook photos and wanted to paint a character in that setting. This one had very little planning and was just something relaxing to do that didn’t have a ton of emotion in it, but was simply an entertaining image.

Toothy Grin

That’s it for now! I’ve gotten 10 done so far and so my goal is to have another 10 done before this project is through. Bye Bye reader!

Project 3, Week 2

Howdy hey everyone! So, last week I decided to stick with doing a mini-painting every day and I’m happy with my choice. I did realize early on though, that just doing a little acrylic painting everyday might get stale, so I’ve decided that I want to play around some and try weird stuff, possibly mixing mediums or adding pieces. I think some of this past weeks pieces are pretty groovy, others not so much, but that’s totally okay! This project is not about success!

At the start of my weekend I went out and bought about $20 worth of 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 in. canvas’, took em home, and got to work. I’ll share them in the order they were created.

“A Farewell To Noses.” Acrylic paint on 5 x 7 in. canvas.

A Farewell To Noses

“A Face or Something.” Acrylic paint, spray paint, and sharpie on 5 x 7 in. canvas.

Some weird face I guess

“A Poor Attempt at Blending In.” Acrylic paint, spray paint, googly eye, and fake mustache on 3 x 5 in. canvas.

A Poor Attempt At Blending In

“My Eyes Are Up Here, and Here, and Here, and…” Acrylic paint on 3 x 5 in. canvas.

My Eyes Are Up Here

“The Jealous Giantess” Acrylic paint and cut up images on 4 x 6 in. canvas. Framed

The Jealous Giantess

“Woman in a Wooden Window” Acrylic paint and wood on 3 x 5 in. canvas.


I’m enjoying having the freedom to explore and paint whatever I’m feeling and I’m doing everything I can to keep each piece fresh. That’s it for now, look for more next week 🙂

Project 3, Week 1

On this day, Tuesday April 7th, we discussed our final Design For Media project. We have to come up with a daily creative habit, something that we can spend about an hour on every day, and that we finish in that hour. Before I discuss my project ideas, we were let out of class early to go work on this post, so below is a photo of me in the laptop, notice the date and time, confirming that I did in fact go work on this.


Now, as for my project, I had a few ideas I threw out in class, my main idea being a stream of consciousness drawing every day, but I realized to do it properly but be a bit too difficult as I’ll be out of town almost every weekend, and hauling my large pad and all my charcoals might get tricky. SO alternatively I would like to do a small painting every day! Each painting would be on a small canvas, anywhere for 3 x 3 in. to 5 x 7 in. and I would use acrylic paints. The subject matter would very and more than likely be very sporadic and expressive. The pieces could be fun or serious or anything in between, dependent on what I’m in the mood for that day. I like to work small because every brush stroke matter so much more, and with it being small, you can’t spend a ton of time on it, two very contrasting factors. Below are two mini paintings I’ve done in the past few months.

italian pickle Smoking in the Street

The other idea would be to make a daily comic in my tone paper sketch book. I’m not sure if it would be the same characters every time, or something totally different. I used to be very interesting in comics and would love to dabble in it again. Below is an example of a one page comic I made a month ago that I spent a few hours on, as an example of what the comic might look like.

Winter Thoughts

I’m leaning more toward the paintings, but either could be fun. Either way, I wanted to pick something that I could have with me fairly easily. End blog post!

Pipeline Week 6. Final

The project is finished! Below is the actual completed video, and below that is the documentary. You can check those out and then continue reading about the final week of production.

I’ll talk for a minute about what I’ve contributed the past week, and then talk about the experience overall, got it? Glad we’re on the same page!

Over the past week I got my animations finished up and sent to the editors. I drew all the frames in Photoshop and animated them in Toon Boom. I was able to just dream up whatever strange imagery came to mind which was a lot of fun, and if I’d had more time I would have made a few more but I was told after two that we had enough. Below is a video with just my animations without a background, just the way the editing team received them.

The blob will be in the background of the bathroom scene and the face/jellyfish thing flies by in the sky scene.

On our last work day, I didn’t have any animations to work on, so I helped Sarah to check in with the rest of the team, relay messages, and keep track of what needed to be done still. I also printed and helped hang up the stellar poster that Sarah designed. The whole team is in love with the design shown below.

Poster drawn by Sarah Winegar and text added by Scott Warfel

false-awakening poster

The final thing I contributed was definitely one of the more bizarre. On Tuesday March 31st, our last work day, I was trying to think of an interesting way to promote the screening. The group was talking about this giant banana that appeared on the quad the other day that lots of people have been talking about and taking pictures of. It occurred to me that no matter what you place on the quad, if it’s a bit strange, people quickly take notice. SO, I went home that night and started putting together a dummy of myself, using the fake head we used in the movie and some old clothes of mine. I then made a wooden sign that I decorated to reflect some of the imagery in the film, and wrote all the info on it. Wednesday morning, April 1st, I placed the set up on a bench on the quad. That was only an hour ago so I’m not sure what the reaction is yet, but hopefully it’s turning heads.

IMG_5440 IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5444

The experience overall has been so much better than I anticipated. Before I started this class I’d heard only horror stories about this project and the frustration, stress, and struggle that it brought. I suppose I lucked out though because the group worked together so beautifully and effectively. We set out with a rough vision that developed in to something that everyone in the group could be proud of, and add a little bit of themselves to. I never felt that people were slacking on responsibilities or didn’t care about the project and everyone was always ready to pick up a new job or task that needed doing. It’s my hope that the people who view this project enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. 🙂

Pipeline Week 4 and 5


Filming is wrapped! We finished all the filming over Spring break, and are editing everything together now.

I’ll have to jump back in time a bit and talk about the end of week 3, Thursday March 12th. On that Thursday we went and did our second day of shooting and filmed the bathroom scene, and the final scene in which I walk outside. The bathroom scene wasn’t anything too crazy, I just had to sleepily brush my teeth, occasionally looking around, and was supposed to eventually discover something behind me to reveal I was in a dream. Brushing my teeth a dozen times though did start to get difficult and when I went to dinner, everything tasted a bit bland, and a bit minty.

10960417_10206267668676818_964040659109848275_o 11082341_1578861029064204_6457087339494135877_o

After we filmed the bathroom scene, we went outside to do the shots where I walk outside, thinking I’ve woken up, only to look up at a bizarre and dreamlike sky, realizing I’m still in a dream. When we finished shooting and were done with day two, I realized I was on a city street wearing just a T-shirt and tiny shorts, so I took the shirt off and danced around in my underwear for a bit to celebrate the end of the day, and just so I could say I did.

Below: Out on the street and everyone’s reactions.

11080357_10206267675356985_1454325678668010967_o 10856791_10206267675316984_3965142352899925289_o

Over break we finished up shooting with a smaller crew, as several people were out of town, but we managed to get it all done in a few hours. Justin and Annie had some friends come by to help us with our big opening dance scene which was huge help. We started out filming the shots of me in bed waking up a few times, then everyone suited up for the dance. We shot the dance scene in a fairly small circular room and no one knew how to dance all that well, so we kept it simple. At the end of the scene, everyone had to lift me up toward the camera, which will transition in the film to me in bed.

11041907_10206267679157080_1838914400336865552_o 11063744_10206267680397111_4395935925936588022_o

Aside from acting in the film, I’ve been working on the animation and just finished up a small blob character that will sit in the background of the bathroom scene. I drew all the frames in Photoshop and then edited them together in Toon Boom, now Annie and Justin will take it and insert it in the scene. The animation is fairly simple, his eyes wiggle, he drips some, and he blinks.

blob jpeg

That’s it for now, we only have 1 week to finish so the next week’s going to be busy busy!

*All photos were taken by Scott Warfel, Erin King, and Jonathan Crocetti

Pipeline Week 3

This week we finally got down to some shooting! The script was finished, cameras and lights secured, and location selected, so on Tuesday March 10th, we shot some scenes.

I’ll mainly be focusing on my contributions to the project in this blog, but to read about the overall progress of the project, please go take a look at the projects main blog HERE.

I’m going to be the main actor in our short film, so I brought some costume options to our shoot as well as props that we needed and some of other odds and ends I thought might help. There’s no dialogue so I don’t need to memorize any lines and get directed before every scene, and sometimes during. We only filmed one scene, but four separate versions. The film will follow my unnamed character starting his day, only to realize he’s in a dream, over and over, stuck in a loop almost, but every time he starts his day, there are clearly things different or off. Due to the nature of this, almost every scene has to be shot several times with slight to major changes, prop replacement, and at times, different outcomes.

We worked a scene where my character makes himself breakfast, but can’t help but feel something is off. We did four versions of this, one that was fairly normal in which I eat captain crunch in a bowl of regular milk, one where it’s fruit loops and green milk, one with cheerios and a fake head as the milk jug, and finally a wild one where sludge and garbage pour out of the cereal box and the blood pours from the milk jug. In each sequence I also interact with the elements differently and sometimes we changed and played with light, animation will also be added in the background.

Photos from shoot taken by Scott Warfel and Erin King:

10404473_1571742486442725_1839527634938565975_n 11043045_10206204349853887_1393648862194330688_n

Most aspects of the shoot weren’t demanding at all and quite easy, except for the bowl of nasty I had to pretend to eat. I brought in a collection of odd things to pour out of a cereal box when the dream started to get exceptionally odd which included cat food, batteries, broken plastic, screws and nails, a toy head, pop rocks, and black cream make-up. In place of regular milk, I poured milk mixed with red food coloring and a lot of fake blood out of a milk carton that smelled really sour. I had to try and keep my cool as I shoveled about 4 spoonfuls in to my mouth, which I lets fall out back in to the bowl. The taste is hard to describe, as I’ve no point of reference, but I imagine it’s what garbage sludge in cartoons tastes like. Though it was gross, I gladly did it knowing it would be gross for the video, and make a good story and experience.

Photos of the nasty bowl taken by Scott Warfel and Erin King:

10848623_1571736706443303_2105083661115168237_ogross bowl

Overall, I think we’re moving along well and I’m excited to get shooting more 🙂

Pipeline week 2

Last week we chose groups and decided what our roles in said group would be. I’m in Sarah’s group, which doesn’t have a solid name yet. I’m in group Pipedreams? I’m on the dream team? I’m in the group that’s making a slightly abstract short about a man waking up, only to discover he’s still asleep, over and over again. We plan on using a lot of different approaches and will incorporate some animation, strange background pieces, odd audio, and little to no dialogue. A lot of it’s still being figured it out, but we’re getting there.

My role isn’t that strictly defined, which I like. I’m sort of the guy that will take on whatever they throw at me. I already set up the facebook group for everyone to communicate with, I’m going to work on the audio some, do some animation, and will probably act in the film. I’m sure there will be other jobs that I take on during the project but right now, these are just a few of the things I’ll be doing.

Over the weekend I couldn’t work on much, as the script isn’t finalized, there’s nothing to edit, and nothing to fabricate yet. SO, to try and be a bit productive, I experimented a bit with audio and visuals. I wrote a song quickly on my keyboard (It’s basically “Let It Be” played with mainly minor chords). I took the song, pitch shifted it down a bit, and overlayed some reversed and pitch shifted audio of me yelling “I am an echo!”. I also filmed myself walking around and it edited it some to re-familiarize myself with After Effects.

Here’s the video-

I’d been hopeful to do some more experimenting and perhaps work on some animation tests, but my weekend got wildly thrown off, and I feel I should briefly address what happened, as it may come up later. I had set aside Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to work, but on Saturday afternoon, I received a call from my granddad that my grandmother was in the emergency room and they thought she had a brain aneurysm. I rushed to the hospital as well as most of my family. My grandmother is 70 and though she has health problems, this was highly unexpected. They took her in to surgery and learned it wasn’t an aneurysm but a very sever stroke. The days after that were mainly spent in the ICU with her and my family, as we waited and hoped for some progress. She’s been unconscious since Saturday, but she’s with us, and seems to be getting a bit stronger. She may be fine, but things could take a dark turn at any moment and we won’t know for sure what’s going to happen for another week or so. My grandmother and I are best friends and she’s like a second mother to me, so if something does happen, I’ll have to go to her and my family in Dayton. I’m hopeful that this won’t interfere any more with my progress, but obviously if something happens, I’ll have to focus on her.

Sorry to end on a sad and serious note, I just wanted to explain why I don’t have as much as I’d like and address that the next week or two will be very difficult, but I’m going to do everything I can toward this project. Thank you for reading!

Pipeline week 1/I have some skills and stuff

Alrighty folks! For our pipeline project, the two projects to choose from are a card game that Tyler’s making, and a video directed by miss Sara, and I have no idea which I want to be in! So, I’m going to present myself and what I can do, and let them decide who might want me more, or I’ll just pick in the moment, who knows? Let’s go!

I’ll start out with Sara and her video project on sleep and the oddities of waking up!

First, I have a sleep disorder, so things relating to sleep hit close to home for me. My senior year I missed a total of 36 days of class because I was so dang tired all of the time, despite trying to rest enough. I discovered that I have a disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia. It’s a mouthful so I’ll just refer to it as Idiopath. What it means to have Idiopath, is that, essentially, I am tired all of the time, no matter what, and I always will be, forever. I can sleep 3 hours or 16 hours, and I’ll wake up feeling the same, groggy. I’ve taken a few medications for it but currently I’m on Ritalin, as it works well enough and is super cheap. When I take my pill in the morning, I’m usually good to go for the day, but a lot of the time during the middle of the day I struggle. I can take naps at any point and fall in to a deep sleep much faster than the average person, and I can sleep in with ease, I never naturally wake up feeling rested at an early hour.

On top of this, I’m also an actor and would love to act in the video. I haven’t done a lot of acting in the past two years, as I’ve put my focus on school, but in high school I was in 6 plays, 4 musicals, 8 one act plays, worked crew, assistant directed a junior high show, and was in a commercial. Some of my more notable roles were Romeo in Romeo and Juliet (Which sparked a romance with my girlfriend who played opposite me, not important, just makes me smile), Sir Harry in Once Upon a Mattress, Evelyn Oakley in Anything Goes, and Bill Sykes in Oliver

Below is a composite of most of my roles from age 13-18:


With my theatrical experience I can contribute to staging and set up, could help with directing, or would gladly act.

I also enjoy a lot of fine art and abstract work and like working with dreamy imagery. I’ve done some video editing and filming, but ultimately I like to come up with a vision and use it as input toward a production.

Examples of some of my more abstract work:

Dali inspired painting Balloon Big Head_01

Now on to Tyler!

For Tylers card game, I offer up my illustrative abilities. I like to think some of my characters and style can be both serious or playful, or a bit of both, and dependent on Tylers ideas, I could illustrate some of the cards and designs. I’m not sure what his style’s going to be though so I’m not sure how much help I would be. Below are some examples of my illustrative character work:

Stretch and Gaze Nasty Man Farmer

I could also help with throwing out ideas for characters or abilities, but not many for actual game concepts and play. Once again, I’m not exactly sure what to offer up, as the idea is in such infancy.

That’s all for now folks! We’ll see where I end up!